Corbetta visits Matera

Matera 2019 - Europe Cultural Capital City

Launched in 1985, the annual designation of a European Capital City of the Culture allowed to many great cities to show their strong points to the world, increasing not only their status but also their tourist value. This year the two cities chosen were Plovdiv, capital of the ancient region Tracia, and our Matera, that took this chance to show all its marvels. Corbetta, a little town near Milan,under the initiative of its Assessor Giuliano Gubert, undertook a journey to the discovery of Matera and Altamura. On June the 6th, the 34 participants left to spend four days discovering these two cities, walking among its monuments and natural beauties, confronting with the life and traditions of local people and tasting the delicious dishes that only South Italy can gift us.

On our Youtube channel, Betania Cooperativa Onlus, you will find a summary video to remember the adventure lived together to those who participated and to show the wonders of Matera and Altamura to those who are interested.

Link to the video:

Thank you and enjoy the video, Betania Travel staff

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