Cannoli Siciliani

Sicily Sweetness

This delicious dessert is one of the most famous Italian product in the whole world. Cannoli Siciliani are made of a tube shaped shell of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet “ricotta” cream. It has a long history: its origin seems to date back to the Middle Age actually. The first recipe inventors are usually identified with the women of the Qalc’at al-Nissa harem ( the actual Caltanissetta), who used to cook to kill the time during their consorts absence. After the end of the Arabic domain, the recipe was already well known among the people who used to live in these territories, becoming as consequence a part of the gastronomic tradition of Sicily. Today you can taste a great variety of Cannoli Siciliani, paired with chocolate, vanilla cream or fruits. One thing is sure, though: they are all to taste!

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